Department History

Radiography is the art and Science dealing with the application on various forms of radiation and waves on human beings, animals and substances for the purpose of promotion of health, diagnosis and treatment of various forms of diseases in hospitals, non-destructive testing/detective scanning in industries and for research purposes.

Radiographers are professionals that have gone through a prescribed curriculum of training required to develop the needed skill to effectively quantify and administer various forms of radiation and wave’s minimum or no damage to the population and the environment.

In keeping with global technological advancement in medical imaging modalities and clinical demands on the imaging sector, the Bachelor of Science Degree in radiography programme strives to produce highly skilled professionals in Medical imaging, following minimum academic standards as set out by the National Universities Commission (NUC) for all Radiography training in Nigeria Universities, and full participation of the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN).

The need for a degree programme in Medical Radiography arose when the two hitherto existing schools of Radiography in Lagos and Ibadan could no longer attract students into the Diploma course. The B.Sc. programme in Radiography was started in the University of Calabar in 1980/81 session. The programme hitherto covered a period of 4 years; this was reviewed in 1990/91 session to 5 years following the N.U.C recommendation.

The programme was run in Radiography Department but was accorded full department status as Department of Radiography in 2005.